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30 September 2004 in Blogging | Comments (1)

I’ve done some hunting and found how to fix the rss feed for wordpress based weblogs.

Open wp-blog-header.php

@header('Last Modified: '.$wp_last_modified);

@header('Last-Modified: '.$wp_last_modified);

That solves the problem :-)

Update: It appears using the ATOM feed is better for SauceReader as with RSS2 it seems to link it all under “today” while the ATOM feed uses the actual date set on your entry.

My ATOM feed:

– JD

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30 September 2004 in General & Intergen | Comments (2)

If you’re reading this JB I also said I was wanting to build up a system to act as a server. Feel free to pull one of them out of your draw and give it to me :-)

It will be as equally appreciated as the chocolate coated coffee beans ;-)

- JD

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29 September 2004 in .Net & General & Microsoft | Comments (0)

Well, I’m thinking it’s time to put together my back room server. I need something to install all the server products that are currently running on my home desktop machine.

It needs to run:

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • SQL Server 2000
  • IIS 6.0
  • Microsoft Content Management Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server
  • MySQL (for legacy development)
  • PHP (for legacy development)
  • .Net 1.1 + 2.0
  • Exchange server (finally, my own mail server :-)

Other than that I also plan to develop some system services that would also run on it:

  • Data sync – connects with a share on my work PC and syncs that directory with a directory at home using BITS transfer to ensure a quality, dropable connection
  • Exchange rate sync – connects to an xml source and updates the local database with current exchange rates (I’ve written one of these for a client so it will just be a copy of that)
  • System backup – something to connect to my desktop once a day and zip up my documents + other important things, copy to server. Also go the other way and store a sql backup on my desktop
  • Anything else I think of :-)

So I’ve got to look at some prices tomorrow.

My min spec is:
2Ghz Athlon
512MB Ram
40GB Drive (this will need to be expanded quickly)
1Gbit/s network card/onboard

Hopefully I can get a lot better than that since I don’t need a video card, case etc (my old PC blew up, some parts can be used).

Then hopefully my 3Ghz desktop will feel just that little bit faster without having to run that other stuff in the background! :-)

Can’t wait to comence this project :)

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26 September 2004 in General | Comments (0)

I woke up this morning and ~finally~ felt a heap better than I have in a while! My throat is finally at bay and in a day or two I should be completely healed :)

As a side note, I’ve also finally brought myself a flash light from efrisson. It’s the forever flashlight which you shake up to generate the power needed for the LED light. I’ve been promising Aramis I would buy this for so damn long that I’m somewhat ashamed of myself (literally before I moved to Wellington which was about 8 months ago now!). I suspect I’ll be buying a few other things from them (I have my eye on the remote for your PC and some chocolate coated coffee beans).

I finally went for a walk into town and got out fo the house today – summer sure is on the way, I ended up in shorts + shirt because of the heat.

Anyway, I’m going to do some afternoon coding :)

– JD

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25 September 2004 in General | Comments (0)

Rowena has started her new blog :-)

Visit it:

– JD

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25 September 2004 in General | Comments (1)

I’ve just about completely lost my voice. When I speak nothing comes out and when it does I sound like one of those guys who has to hold the gizmo to their throat to speak.

It’s been interesting not really being able to talk – I’ve been trying to avoid even attempting because 1) it hurts 2) I’m sure I’ll get better faster if I don’t. I’m quite friendly with the people that work at the diary just down from where I live and of course I’ve been going there a lot in the last few days since I need cold things to sooth my throat. There are maybe 10 different people who work at the shop and all of them I normally chat to except trying to explain you can’t talk is quite hard. Hopefully I haven’t offended them – the lemsip should have given away why I might not be talking though.

Anyway, I am finally starting to feel better. I feel a lot more energetic and other than my throat, everything feels fine. I should be good to go back to work on Monday which is good :-)

I’ve been reading up on delegates in .net, they seem quite cool but trying to find a clear definition and examples is proving a bit difficult. The best resource I have on the topic is in “Windows Forms Programming In C#” by Chris Sells – he writes very well :) Fingers crossed this afternoon I’ll finally have a clear idea of how to use them!

Other than that it looks like I’m going to have one heck of a boring weekend – which sucks. I think just about every weekend since I was last in Palmy has been a bit of a downer for not getting out and about – I really need to buy that bike I want! I’ll be going home next weekend though which should be good since it’s been a while since I’ve seen everyone. Word on the street has it that I might also be meeting GEEK and Aramis (Rowena’s cousin has a going away thing or something and apparently you guys might be there).

Other than that nice bit of time away from Welly I will be finally taking some holiday leave for the week of Labour weekend! :-D I’ve taken 2 days of annual leave since the 20th of Jan and that was for my Graduation (so not really lounging around). I’m really looking forward to that.

LOL – Rowena just messaged me that she’s getting changed into her PJs – it’s 2:18pm!

Anyway, I best leave it there and get back to the fun world of delegates and wait for Rowena to verbally beat me for mentioning her afternoon atire ;-)

– JD

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23 September 2004 in General & Intergen | Comments (0)

Well I’m holed up at home working on some enhanced content loading application for a client. It’s somewhat nice working at home – my computer is faster, chair more comfy etc, but you do miss the social interaction and have to try hard not to be distracted at home.

I’m working at home today because after coming pretty much right after my last cold (a few weeks ago now) the cough esculated and now I’m almost back to where I was (minus the uncontrollable shaking, hot/cold feelings). Which sucks :-(

I put it all down to the food we eat in our flat (and that I don’t do any better when it’s just me cooking for myself). The doctor suggested that I have blood tests because someone my age shouldn’t be getting sick so often but then did admit that it’s the worst year she has ever seen for colds in Wellington. So I just managed to get out of that (I HATE needles, but if I am still not well in a week I will get them done).

So now I’m on something new to hopefully make me feel better (I also somehow scored 800 paracetamol tablets for 15 dollars, shows how much you get ripped when you buy pain killers that are branded).

Anyway, back to work, I just wanted to blog my morning to get something new up here :)

- JD

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19 September 2004 in Blogging & General | Comments (5)

I’ve been using RSS readers for a wee while now and was pretty happy with what I was already using – until a few days ago.

I frequently read Rod Drury’s blog as it covers off on business, technical things and other often amusing tidbits.

In one of Rods entries he mentioned that he now uses SauceReader so I thought I’d see what it was like – I am amazed. It’s extremely easy and nice to use, supports ATOM, RSS 2.0, 1.0 etc.

I’ve only come accross one bug and that’s with how it sorts by dates but as it’s still beta I’m sure it will come right.

If you don’t currently use RSS you should, it’s a major time saver – I used to spend around 30 minutes – 45 minutes a day checking my favourite sites for updates and now I can do it all via RSS in about 5 minutes!

Download it here

- JD

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