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Well, I’m thinking it’s time to put together my back room server. I need something to install all the server products that are currently running on my home desktop machine.

It needs to run:

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • SQL Server 2000
  • IIS 6.0
  • Microsoft Content Management Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server
  • MySQL (for legacy development)
  • PHP (for legacy development)
  • .Net 1.1 + 2.0
  • Exchange server (finally, my own mail server :-)

Other than that I also plan to develop some system services that would also run on it:

  • Data sync – connects with a share on my work PC and syncs that directory with a directory at home using BITS transfer to ensure a quality, dropable connection
  • Exchange rate sync – connects to an xml source and updates the local database with current exchange rates (I’ve written one of these for a client so it will just be a copy of that)
  • System backup – something to connect to my desktop once a day and zip up my documents + other important things, copy to server. Also go the other way and store a sql backup on my desktop
  • Anything else I think of :-)

So I’ve got to look at some prices tomorrow.

My min spec is:
2Ghz Athlon
512MB Ram
40GB Drive (this will need to be expanded quickly)
1Gbit/s network card/onboard

Hopefully I can get a lot better than that since I don’t need a video card, case etc (my old PC blew up, some parts can be used).

Then hopefully my 3Ghz desktop will feel just that little bit faster without having to run that other stuff in the background! :-)

Can’t wait to comence this project :)

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