30 September 2004 in Blogging | Comments enabled

I’ve done some hunting and found how to fix the rss feed for wordpress based weblogs.

Open wp-blog-header.php

@header('Last Modified: '.$wp_last_modified);

@header('Last-Modified: '.$wp_last_modified);

That solves the problem :-)

Update: It appears using the ATOM feed is better for SauceReader as with RSS2 it seems to link it all under “today” while the ATOM feed uses the actual date set on your entry.

My ATOM feed: http://blog.bluecog.co.nz/wp-atom.php

– JD

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Geek says 30 September 2004 @ 22:59

Cheers for that, I’ve made the changes, let me know if it’s still not working :)

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