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I’ve been using RSS readers for a wee while now and was pretty happy with what I was already using – until a few days ago.

I frequently read Rod Drury’s blog as it covers off on business, technical things and other often amusing tidbits.

In one of Rods entries he mentioned that he now uses SauceReader so I thought I’d see what it was like – I am amazed. It’s extremely easy and nice to use, supports ATOM, RSS 2.0, 1.0 etc.

I’ve only come accross one bug and that’s with how it sorts by dates but as it’s still beta I’m sure it will come right.

If you don’t currently use RSS you should, it’s a major time saver – I used to spend around 30 minutes – 45 minutes a day checking my favourite sites for updates and now I can do it all via RSS in about 5 minutes!

Download it here

- JD

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Geek says 21 September 2004 @ 16:02

Hey JD thanks for the heads up on this, I’ve been using SharpReader for ages now but I’ve found its not working as it should since I’ve put Win XP SP2 on. What’s the bug you found? I haven’t noticed anything…yet

JD says 21 September 2004 @ 16:34

Nice to see you dropping in Geek!

The problem for me appears when you have the date column sorted by date. It seems that if rss updates come in on occassion they will appear in the wrong group (eg one or two of todays items will appear in the “yesterday” group). Not a biggy.

How did you find my blog? I wasn’t aware that I had advertised it that much (possibly spammed your blog? :-) )

– JD

JD says 21 September 2004 @ 16:52

One other thing to note, SauceReader doesn’t seem to like the RSS feeds supplied by the current version of WordPress. While I’ve done a fair bit of PHP in my time I really don’t have the time to look into fixing it.

If anyone (looks at Geek) has any ideas on how to sort it so it’s generating valid RSS feeds (or supports the big in SauceReader) I’ll chuck the changes in :-)

– JD

Geek says 21 September 2004 @ 17:54

Interesting that you should say “SauceReader doesn’t seem to like the RSS feeds supplied by the current version of WordPress” I’m actually having trouble with all wordpress blogs and my rss feed software in general. The one I used to use (I’m a SauceReader convert now) SharpReader couldn’t read rss feeds after I applied Win XP SP2. Its very frustrating and unfortunately my php skills (or lack of them) are yet to identify the issue.

I’ve e-mail the people at wordpress to see if they are aware of the issue (which I’m sure they must be) so I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.

Hehe yeah I noticed you commented on my blog so I’ve been watching you for some time (in a completely non-stalker kind of way). So I figured it was about time I said something and gave you a link on my blog ;)

JD says 21 September 2004 @ 18:07

I don’t think my issue related to sp2 as I use windows 2003 for my desktop OS (for work purposes, it matches the hosting environment better). I did notice that WordPress does RSS, RSS2 and ATOM right out of the box, none appear to work – the plot thickens.

And here I was thinking I had a stalker :’-(

– JD

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