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I’ve just about completely lost my voice. When I speak nothing comes out and when it does I sound like one of those guys who has to hold the gizmo to their throat to speak.

It’s been interesting not really being able to talk – I’ve been trying to avoid even attempting because 1) it hurts 2) I’m sure I’ll get better faster if I don’t. I’m quite friendly with the people that work at the diary just down from where I live and of course I’ve been going there a lot in the last few days since I need cold things to sooth my throat. There are maybe 10 different people who work at the shop and all of them I normally chat to except trying to explain you can’t talk is quite hard. Hopefully I haven’t offended them – the lemsip should have given away why I might not be talking though.

Anyway, I am finally starting to feel better. I feel a lot more energetic and other than my throat, everything feels fine. I should be good to go back to work on Monday which is good :-)

I’ve been reading up on delegates in .net, they seem quite cool but trying to find a clear definition and examples is proving a bit difficult. The best resource I have on the topic is in “Windows Forms Programming In C#” by Chris Sells – he writes very well :) Fingers crossed this afternoon I’ll finally have a clear idea of how to use them!

Other than that it looks like I’m going to have one heck of a boring weekend – which sucks. I think just about every weekend since I was last in Palmy has been a bit of a downer for not getting out and about – I really need to buy that bike I want! I’ll be going home next weekend though which should be good since it’s been a while since I’ve seen everyone. Word on the street has it that I might also be meeting GEEK and Aramis (Rowena’s cousin has a going away thing or something and apparently you guys might be there).

Other than that nice bit of time away from Welly I will be finally taking some holiday leave for the week of Labour weekend! :-D I’ve taken 2 days of annual leave since the 20th of Jan and that was for my Graduation (so not really lounging around). I’m really looking forward to that.

LOL – Rowena just messaged me that she’s getting changed into her PJs – it’s 2:18pm!

Anyway, I best leave it there and get back to the fun world of delegates and wait for Rowena to verbally beat me for mentioning her afternoon atire ;-)

– JD

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Tetra says 25 September 2004 @ 20:13

:O how rude! hmph!

I was tired from waking up at 6:30! I’m allowed to take a nap :P

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