26 September 2004 in General | Comments enabled

I woke up this morning and ~finally~ felt a heap better than I have in a while! My throat is finally at bay and in a day or two I should be completely healed :)

As a side note, I’ve also finally brought myself a flash light from efrisson. It’s the forever flashlight which you shake up to generate the power needed for the LED light. I’ve been promising Aramis I would buy this for so damn long that I’m somewhat ashamed of myself (literally before I moved to Wellington which was about 8 months ago now!). I suspect I’ll be buying a few other things from them (I have my eye on the remote for your PC and some chocolate coated coffee beans).

I finally went for a walk into town and got out fo the house today – summer sure is on the way, I ended up in shorts + shirt because of the heat.

Anyway, I’m going to do some afternoon coding :)

– JD

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