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Not too many events that I’m aware of this week but one that I will be making sure I attend is the Unlimited Potential presentation about gadgets.

This event will have several speakers and also includes the chance to win an iPod Nano.

When: Wednesday 5th July, 2006
Time: 4.30pm for 5.30pm start
Where: Renouf Foyer, Wellington Convention Centre, 111 Wakefield Street, Wellington

Please RSVP on the unlimited potential website. I look forward to meeting some of you there :)

– JD

P.S. Apologies for the lack of posts lately :)

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Miraz has posted that the WebStock videos are now available online for everyone to view.

WebStock was a fantastic event and I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t come away having learnt something and with a different perspective on a few different things. Well worth watching a few of these if you couldn’t attend. Also it’s impressive to see the multitude of video formats and associated material.

View the video selection here

- JD

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It’s nice to see that the WebStock organisers didn’t just leave their site to die after the event and have been doing well at linking to various people who have posted about WebStock :)

Great way to find the blogs of other attendees. It’s always the small things that make something a success.

– JD

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Events in Wellington this week

I thought I’d share a few events that are on in Wellington this week for anyone else who’s interested in mingling.

30/05/2006: Ruby on Rails user group meeting (Join the mailing list, 6:30pm at Syn Bar)

31/05/2006: 7×7 Ideas Forum (Book online, 5:30pm at the Wellington Town Hall)

01/06/2006: UPStart – Software Success (RSVP online, 5:30pm at the Wellington Conference Centre)

Looks like a busy week ahead.

- JD

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Ruby on Rails

Tomek (from ZoomIn) is organising a Ruby on Rails community gathering that hopefully will be a monthly event. Likely to be similar to a user group catch up (pizza, drink, geeks) – I’d suggest anyone that’s interested in RoR passes their details to me (there is no fancy mailing list, website or anything yet so it’s quite word of mouth at this stage).

Hat tip to Tim on bringing this to my attention.

- JD

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This week started with me being in Palmerston North to watch Rowena and a lot of my friends graduate. I chose a 3 year degree rather than a 4 year one and had graduated last year. It was quite nice to attend this year and just get to enjoy in the achievements of people that I knew. I was the official photographer so I don’t have many photos that have me in them but I did manage a couple.

Here is one with Rowena:

Rowena Joe and John-Daniel Trask at Rowena's Graduation

And one with James (a fellow Intergenite):

James Story and John-Daniel Trask at Jame's Graduation

It was a great start to the week.

- JD

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