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Lately I’ve been asked by several people why I don’t write anything that is all that personal on my blog. Truth is, I used to, however that didn’t result in much traffic and it became boring to me very quickly – I don’t know what that says about my own life :-)

While I’m planning on sticking with technology related posts for the time being I thought I’d share some statistics for my blog which is at least somewhat personal to me since I don’t publish any figures normally.

While not strictly technology related I decided to check my blog stats this morning, I’ve been surprised to see that my traffic has been growing despite the low number of posts I’ve been making lately. For the month of January this blog served more than 60, 000 page views which is quite pleasing. I can’t help but wonder where it would have been if my posting rate hadn’t dropped off for the second half of 2007.

A considerable amount of traffic comes from Google; I get a heap of traffic from people searching for details about Windows Vista memory usage and many about my previous employer, Intergen.

Now I’m thinking more about what I should focus on posting about in the coming months. Is technology posting interesting to you? Would you prefer some other topics? More business or Mindscape related posts? You tell me, it only takes a moment to comment and your feedback is appreciated.


– JD

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tokes says 5 February 2008 @ 14:32

I think sprinkling a bit of personal stuff amongst your core technical posts is always a good thing. I’ve been dying to know who your favourite teletubby is. But seriously, I enjoy reading posts that contain opinions – especially controversial and/or original ones. Something that generates some healthy debate. Trouble is these are often the hardest to write and most difficult to come up with. Good luck with some inspiration – I’ll be trying to do the same now that I’m back from holiday and back into work mode.

Peter says 6 February 2008 @ 06:13

Wow! I’d be happy with 6 page views a month! My own fault for not posting.

If you want to get more, just mention a famous bimbo in a post, Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba usually work quite well :)

traskjd says 6 February 2008 @ 09:19


Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t mind some controversy at times but you are right, they are the hardest to write. If you don’t think something out very carefully you can so easily have your ass handed to you in a rather embarrassing manner :)


Good point about naming some of the celebs. Alternatively I could just let the spam comments through – they’re filled with comments about them and their sex tapes ;-)

Actually that’s another stat – just passed 250,000 spam comments blocked a couple of days ago :-)

– JD

Anthea says 12 February 2008 @ 21:37

Hey JD. I’m sure there’s lots of interesting things you could share wrt general business stuff. Since starting Mindscape I bet you come across lots of previously unchartered territory that would be interesting to hear about. Not saying that your highly technically complex posts don’t turn my dials ofcourse :)

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