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Admittedly this is a frustration induced post but seriously, how can the connectivity story in Vista have so many issues? I work on several networks:

  • Work, wireless
  • Home, wireless
  • Home, wired
  • Cafe net occassionally
  • VPN to work from home

At the moment, no matter what I do I cannot get the VPN connection to realise that there is an active internet connection. I can be connected over wireless or jacked right into the network and still no-go. Even though the icon in the system tray has the little world icon denoting that I have an active internet connection, the actual “connect to network” dialog begs to differ.

This happens somewhat often based on disconnecting from one network and connecting to another. Even disabling my wireless connection and re-enabling it doesn’t seem to be enough to fool that dialog to want to let me connect. I’m effectively being forced to restart my machine to connect to the VPN.

Windows Vista Connect To Network Dialog

I eventually found a work around on the web here. I’m really looking forward to Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista.

– JD

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M Freitas says 31 July 2007 @ 07:54

You are lucky you are connected to a network though…

Many times my Vista machine won’t connect to some wireless networks (couldn’t quite find out what triggers the problems, but the drivers die) and if I overload my ethernet network (such as doing a disc image backup over the LAN) the driver will just freeze…

traskjd says 31 July 2007 @ 10:32

I get the same issues. Primarily I find if I hibernate my machine and then wake it up at home on a new network, if I login too fast/slow/whatever sometimes it will be mid negotiating to connect to the wireless and just give up on my.

Not fun.

– JD

J says 31 July 2007 @ 12:09

Yup, this is a dam frustrating issue. Happens to me alot when wanting to connect to 3g while I’m connected to VPN or on wireless etc.

Arr bring on SP1!

Gavin says 1 August 2007 @ 13:55

Wow, I guess I was just lucky that I went through the “Manage Network Connections” the first time I tried to connect to a VPN, I didn’t even realise that there were issues… Mind you my desktop only has one one other connection and that’s the wired one for the home network.

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