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I’ve been a bit quiet lately with so much going on with Mindscape and life in general. The good news is that we have recently elected to expand our team to help ensure we continue to deliver (if you are interested check out the position information here).

I’ll be delivering two lunch time sessions at TechEd this year, one regarding unit testing and another about how to get up and running with BackgroundMotion. I’ve been to TechEd for the last two years and it has been fantastic and I think it will be the same this year. Unfortunately the tickets are already sold out but I’d love to catch up with anyone who follows my blog that lives further afield that Wellington :)

I’ve been up to my elbows in WPF recently and look forward to posting some of the things I’ve discovered on here soon (as a side note, Expression Blend is possibly the best V1 product I’ve ever used, it’s fantastic!).

More posts to come,

– JD

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Jonathan says 21 July 2007 @ 17:53

If you don’t mind me asking, I’d be interested to know how such a young company is able to afford a senior developer? I presume you are doing a fair whack of consulting to enable this?

jb says 21 July 2007 @ 17:57

Income > Expense – strange I know! :P

traskjd says 21 July 2007 @ 18:01

Hi Jonathan,

Further to Jeremy’s comment, we do some high value consulting, yes. However we are also already selling licenses to our first product, LightSpeed which provides additional revenue.

We have been profitable for quite some time.

– JD

KTC says 27 July 2007 @ 11:25

Phew! Glad i read that comment about Blend being the best V1 product was in relation to WPF, because i’ve been using it in anger for a while now for Silverlight dev, and while it shows real promise, it’s far from “great”!

Examples – it produces invalid XAML (try exporting a StrokeDashArray), it always (unless i’m missing something really basic here!) exports SplineDoubleKeyFrame storyboards (even when you do something as simple as an opacity change), and the MAJOR kicker, it won’t even render usecontrols on a canvas which stunned everybody at the last Chch user group and is probably the major thing they freak about on the silverlight forums.

Glad to hear though that it’s obviously a lot better for WPF dev! And like i say i think it shows real promise – just loving simultaneously editing in Blend and Orcas!

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