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This evening I went along to the Unlimited Potential (UP) event entitiled “Angels & Demons” which informed people about various financing options that are available for new (and not so new) businesses. I’ve been to several UP events before this one but I can say with certainty this was one of my favourites. The format was great, I always enjoy it when there are several speakers talking for a short period of time, perhaps I’m too easily distracted but it just keeps me interested.

By far a huge value of these types of events is the networking afterwards. It’s very enjoyable chatting with people about what they’re up to as well as catching up with old contacts and seeing how their businesses are growing. I always leave inspired and amping to take things up a level.

At one part of the evening I was somewhat shocked in myself when I found myself talking with Andrew Mayfield (from Spikefin). How is it that it took an event like this for me to actually engage with somebody that has his office about 15 paces from mine? It was a bit of an eye opener to needing to add an extra element of networking to my day to day business activities.

The presentations were also useful – informative, amusing in parts and genuinely interesting content. All the presenters delivered well and I’d strongly encourage any other ITC professionals out there to come along to the next event. It is an asset to Wellington having such a vibrant group of people who have shared interests getting together to meet.


- JD

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Jo says 16 May 2007 @ 23:46

Thanks for the review and coming along! As you commented, it is interesting who you meet, and often, Wellington being the small town it is, you bump into people you already know from somewhere.

In any industry networking is critical to get ideas flowing, and innovation happening, and I see UP as a good place for this to flourish, and as one of the speakers mentioned, Wellington, and New Zealand needs this initial crucible of ideas.

See you at the next, one – Gadgets, Games and Geeks 2007! There’s some video of the last lot of presentations up on R2 at http://r2.co.nz/20060705/

Andrew says 17 May 2007 @ 09:52

Yes! I was thinking the same thing. Great to meet you JD ;) Looking forward to seeing you around the floor again some time, maybe we need to get a water cooler to chat around? Great function too, well done UP.

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