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OK, so it’s not really DOS day but I thought I would post this since it was something random I saw recently in a video by Scott Hanselman and it just made me smile.

Most people these days know to use the up and down keys in at the command prompt to get the recent commands they have issued but did you know that F7 gives you a pop up of the commands you’ve used?

 - JD

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Tim Haines says 26 October 2006 @ 15:24

How could I not have known that? Awesome.

Duncan Smith says 16 November 2006 @ 14:05

Alt+F7 clears the cache and F9 allows you to enter the command line number ;)

Check this article out:

JD’s Weblog » PowerShell RTM says 16 November 2006 @ 19:44

[...] So if you haven’t played with it or are using the beta then go and grab it. Oh, and F7 still works in PowerShell [...]

Diamonds says 7 December 2006 @ 09:05

/HISTORY Displays all commands stored in memory.

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