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I’ve been playing with Vista for more than a year and finally upgraded to RC1 and am trying to use it as my full desktop replacement now (James is loving it so I thought I should make a real go at it too). So far these are my thoughts:

  • The overall user experience is better which is great considering I’m still finding my way around it
  • It picked up all the hardware in my machine and installed all the drivers. This is better than what XP or 2003 does for me which misses some things.
  • Seem stable, I haven’t had a single crash yet and the number of reboots required is noticeably lower when first setting up the machine.
  • Performance monitoring is greatly improved – I’m a sucker for stats
  • IIS 7 is cool :)
  • I keep finding neat little things all over the place, I love playing with new stuff

I could go on for quite a while and perhaps I will post again with anything cool I find – I’ve been avoiding this on earlier builds with the risk of features being dropped.

The only problem I have had so far is frustrating and keeps me going back to Windows 2003, I use an nVidia 6800 and my TV is only detected as being able to display at 30Hz interlaced mode (it can support 1024×768 @ 75Hz) so video looks awful. I can’t seem to find a work around yet which is annoying- I’ve even upgraded the graphics drivers only to find they offer almost no value at all (thanks nVidia :P ). If anyone else has this issue I’d be forever greatful – Google hasn’t been helpful so far either. However I don’t believe this is a Vista issue but more that nVidia need to get their act together.

All up though, I’m impressed with the quality of RC1 and would recomended it to anyone :)

 - JD

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Richard says 22 November 2006 @ 06:00

Also having same issue with Vista and 30hz with nVidia 6600 card and the RTM version of Vista!

Any solutions out there?

traskjd says 25 November 2006 @ 19:30

Hi Richard,

I’m now on the RTM & have the same issue. I did some digging and, despite the OS being RTM the graphics drivers that are publically available are still not at an RTM stage.

There were leaked drivers for Vista from nVidia but I’ve elected not to install them as they had no UI for the control panel (and if I need to make tweaks I won’t be able to).

I’ll post when the final drivers are available which should hopefully resolve this frustrating issue.

I’m more than a little annoyed with nVidia – how many years have they had to get their drivers working with the UDDM model? And yet they still can’t have a decent driver set in time for the launch. Very poor.

– JD

Dwight says 8 July 2007 @ 15:17

I am having this EXACT same issue… very ugly. Sadly I can’t find anyone who’s actually fixed the problem.


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