17 August 2006 in .Net | Comments enabled

Lawrence from Intergen has started his blog which I’ve hosted on my domain. Rather than being the usual blog about random things Lawrence is writing in the style of a game journal. He’s currently developing a cool flight game using Managed Direct X 9.0c and C# (don’t all geeks want to write a game? :) ). I’ve been having a play around and so far I’ve been really impressed.

You can check out his screen shots which have come a long way already and perhaps discuss and provide comments about his development. It will make his day :) )

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 - JD

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Sharky says 17 August 2006 @ 23:39

Damn straight it would!! :)

Thanks matey.

Geek says 18 August 2006 @ 08:54

Nice, I hope a 360 port is in the future?

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