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I’ve always preferred a blend of desktop applications and online content when working with anything that uses the Internet. That’s why I’ve usually made my blog posts using tools to W.Blogger, however recently W.Blogger seems to have disappeared (hence the lack of a link) so I haven’t been able to let people know about what a great tool it was for composing new blog entries offline and then pushing them up to my website.

Thankfully a better tool has become available – Windows Live Writer. Now I was as surprised as anyone that the tool was designed not to only support Live Spaces but also many other blogging platforms (WordPress, DasBlog, Community Server Blogs and more). So I’ve wired it up to compose this entry and I’ll keep testing it out for a while. So far it seems much more slick than W.Blogger and it has considerably better preview/style integration.

Even more exciting is that Microsoft have created an API for the publishing tool to allow developers to create their own plugins (which I assume means new blog providers, extra formatting tools etc). It already has support for everything you would expect – spell checking, category support, post management etc.

Overall this tool looks great for a first beta. I really look forward to seeing what people do to extend the capabilities of it to make it truly great.

Windows Live Writer Website

Download Windows Live Writer

- JD

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Digitalmelon : Chandima's Blog says 15 August 2006 @ 14:58

Windows Live Writer…

Allan says 15 August 2006 @ 20:00

Nice. Finally a web tool from Msft that seem to both work nicely and add value :D

Trader Eyal » Blog Archive » Testing Windows Live Writer says 16 August 2006 @ 10:16

[...] And indeed a link is due to one my friends and ex colleagues in NZ JD. [...]

Allan says 16 August 2006 @ 11:45

Err I would like to call back my previous comment ;) I just found out via Paul Kedrosky’s blog (via Maoxian) about the unbelieveably awesome http://performancing.com/firefox blogging tool.

You gotta check it out.. the integration with firefox, the speed, the extra features etc. are amazing.

beta @ amanzi » Windows Live Writer says 16 August 2006 @ 18:25

[...] JD’s Weblog » Windows Live Writer, Better blog posting Tags: Windows Live Messenger [...]

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