10 August 2006 in Business | Comments enabled

I find the details about the MySpace deals quite extraordinary.

As some of your may recall, Fox acquired MySpace (a social networking site with 33 billion page views per month) for close to $600 million US. In the last few days however, Google has entered a deal to pay $900 million US to be the search and advertising provider on the MySpace site for the next 3 years.

What a fantastic way to cover your purchase price (even if it is over 3 years). That doesn’t take into account any other revenue making systems they have in place.

Not bad if you can get it :)

Yahoo News has the low down.

– JD

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Johnny-johnny says 10 August 2006 @ 16:58

Doesn’t make sense to me…

But then again, neither does MySpace…

Geek says 13 August 2006 @ 10:32

Yeah I know what you mean, MySpace seems ass to me, but hey happy if I owned it :)

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