11 July 2006 in Tools | Comments enabled

This week saw the first beta of FireFox 2.0 is out. It has several enhancements over 1.5 including:

  • Spell checking on form fields (my favourite feature!)
  • Session restore (close the browser with tabs open and they’ll be restored when you open again)
  • “Undo Tab Close” for the times when you accidentally close a tab
  • New search (similar to Internet Explorer 7.0)

Overall I just like the spell checking – something I’m sure will come as an extension in IE 7.0 (perhaps as part of the Live Toolbar?)

I’m really looking forward to this second round of competition in the browser space – we’re going to see some cool stuff coming out. I’m not quite sure I’m sold enough to move off IE 7.0 though. The future is bright :)

Download the Windows installer for FireFox here.

- JD

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marksy says 11 July 2006 @ 21:04

Sweet – good gangster for putting “windows” in the download here sentence.

Many people assume they’re running the same OS as the reader…

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