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I’ve been a huge fan of Akismet for stopping spam on my blog ever since it came out. I’ve never had such a simple solution that was so fantastically effective. And now somebody has written a .net 2.0 wrapper (there is a 1.1 one was well) to use it. This presents a very easy way of integrating fantastic spam protection into your .Net web applications if required.

Check out the post about the Akisment .Net wrapper here.

Akismet is written by the same guys that developed WordPress which powers my blog.

- JD

P.S. Heaps of plugins for this service have been coming out recently. If you’re using VBulletin, PHPBB or a huge array of other web applications there may already be a plugin for you.

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Johnny-Johnny says 21 June 2006 @ 15:15

Akismet is really that good? Might have to look at installing in my MT install… I notice they do a plugin for it.

Had much of a problem with false positives?

P.S. I’m liking the larger comment box…

traskjd says 21 June 2006 @ 15:28

I’ve had no real problems with false positives. I think about 2 out of 3200 spam messages? It’s pretty good and very simple.

I’d recommend you try it :)

Cheers for the comment box comment :)

– JD

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