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Stumbled accross an interesting article on the stuff business pages this evening about the NZ tech sector. This includes all sectors in technology and provided an interesting break down of the relative sizes of those sectors:

Top Technology Sectors by size:
1 Appliances ($1, 088 million)
2 Navigational Aids ($540m)
3 IT services and Support ($463m)
4 Healthcare Products ($440.5m)
5 Biotech ($277.4m)
6 Electronics ($259.4m)
7 Software Development ($243.8m)
8 Agritech ($240m)
9 Digital Media ($172.4m)
10 Production Equipment and Materials Handling ($164.8m)

Overall I don’t think software is actually doing all that well in this list. Admitedly once you combine development with IT services and support it gets to second place but we should easily be taking a first position place.

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– JD

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Allan says 21 June 2006 @ 20:55

You need people to achieve that, a special kind of people. Risk takers, and those with a vision who will be take the leap, start companies and work from morning till morning to develop products and ideas.

In Israel, for example, with under double the population of NZ, software export ammounts to over US$3 billion a year.

traskjd says 21 June 2006 @ 22:26

That is true Allan. I don’t buy the argument that it all comes down to red tape from government or not enough grants etc.

So – did you move to NZ for more sleep or have you brought some ideas to help us out? ;)

– JD

Allan says 22 June 2006 @ 09:56

I’m the one without the ideas, that’s why they made me leave and sent me off as far as they could ;-)
Besides, I’m a project manager, what do I know about technology hehe

I don’t think the government is that relevant these days. For example, most of the high profile tech companies in Israel are actually registered in Delaware for tax reasons and operate out of Israel to leverage the brain power, innovation, drive to succeed etc. Human capital is the determinant factor.

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