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Gabriel Smith, a fellow Intergenite is now blogging which is very cool (I’m trying to slowly convince everyone to blog! :) ).

Gabe is going to be blogging about his soon to be released child and tech stuff as well. If you don’t know Gabe, he’s into HDTV, PVR technology, Coding and general gadgets. Good to have in your RSS reader and always good for providing advice when you’re looking into any of those topics :)

And for a bit of a Friday funny… the url is http://www.gabelog.net.nz (don’t say it too fast… great marketing if you ask me ;) )

- JD

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Geek says 17 June 2006 @ 00:33

Great to see more people joining the nz blog space :D

traskjd says 17 June 2006 @ 05:30

Yep, lately I’ve been trying to step up my push towards getting more people blogging (although Gabe did it without needing a push). I really do think businesses and individuals are missing great opportunities by not having blogs.

– JD

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