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Anybody who reads my blog that is also having a serious play around with the new Office System and in particular SharePoint 2007 will want to check out the SharePoint 2007 SDK. While parts of the documentation process are still in progress I haven’t often seen SDK content that is as complete as this.

The samples are separated out from the huge 117MB chm file but I would strongly recommend getting the full SDK. It makes reasonably easy reading too :)

- JD

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Johnny-Johnny says 14 June 2006 @ 10:05

Ok, seeing as there have been 2 Sharepoint posts in as many days I have a question for you. If an organisation was considering a Sharepoint project now – should they defer/delay until Sharepoint 2007?

traskjd says 14 June 2006 @ 20:15

It really depends on the organisation and their own processes.

Clearly some organisations are very progressive and happy to start looking into products very early on in their life (such as SharePoint 2007 at the moment). It’s not too common to find organisations like that however – many will have internal policies around waiting for the first service pack etc.

If an organisation doesn’t have the environment to engage early then SharePoint 2003 still makes a great choice.

– JD

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