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Unfortunately it looks like one of the features I was really looking forward to in Office 2007 won’t be available in final versions*. I was really pleased when I fired up early betas and found the ability to save to a PDF natively within the office client tools but now Adobe have decided it’s better to annoy consumers for their own benefit than help them.

Read the full story about PDF support being dropped from Office 2007 at BetaNews.

Update: Brian Jones (Office program manager) has Microsoft’s side of the story on his blog here.

- JD

* By default at least, apparently a download will be available to enable the functionality.

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Chan says 6 June 2006 @ 15:16

Adobe is on some kind of crazy “stuff”. Cheers for the link back. I didn’t realise you had already blogged about this fuss. :-)
Isn’t Dogfooding fun. I am having heaps of fun with “MOSS” and the Beta 2′s.

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