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The amount of automated spam that is getting thrown at my blog has become a joke. I’ve received more than 2, 500 spam comments in the last 2 days which strikes me as just incredible. I’ve read that other people have had a sudden surge as well and just thought I’d reiterate the fantastic Akismet service from the creators of WordPress.

Akismet have an interesting graph showing the growth of SPAM in blog comments (I imagine some of the trend is related to their own product uptake though).

Still, my woes don’t seem nearly as bad as Rod’s email spam bomb.

Perhaps there is some opportunity in this space? Sure there is a lot of average spam control mechanisms but there used also be a lot of average search engines until one took up the challenge of making a superb one.


- JD

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Geek says 4 June 2006 @ 12:29

I has been really bad lately, just as well Akismet is around. I sure don’t like the idea of having to remove all that crap from my blog manually. I always come away feeling kind of dirty.

Your right about Rod’s trouble in paradise, that reminds me of the bad old days of email spam.

traskjd says 4 June 2006 @ 13:59

Yeah, the stuff lately has also been quite disgusting spam as well. I’m a tad concerned about the volume – if everyone is getting a similar experience then Akismet must be getting pummelled – I wonder what happens if they go down.

– JD

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