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As a follow on from Tim’s recent post I thought I’d post an entry about ZoomIn.co.nz (and their Australian Map site) to help get some Google love for them. Ben is the Technical Director of Project X Technology Ltd and spoke at code camp recently about Rails (he managed to get a few laughs too – always good :) ).

I’ve been really impressed with what has been happening in Wellington in the last 18 months. We’ve had some great software companies pop up (Aftermail), some great sales (TradeMe, Aftermail. Existing IT businesses have been growing strongly. Some of the IT high fliers have moved here and the buzz is building.

Having ZoomIn starting up is also great to see – one of our first Web 2.0 companies. Ben is positively bouncing off the walls to try and get people to start more Web businesses as well.

Considering the popularity of the business session at Code Camp it seems that lots of people have ideas they’d like to turn into businesses. Perhaps an IT entrepreneurs (and those interested in becoming one) user group type thing would be a good idea? Certainly we’ve got the interest – the challenge would be ensuring that people actually take some action to launch businesses so it didn’t become stale. The networking potential would be fantastic in itself.

On the networking front, does anyone have some good suggestions on events to attend?


– JD

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Johnny-Johnny says 3 May 2006 @ 16:29

Have a look at joining Unlimited Potential: http://www.up.org.nz/mainsite/UpcomingEvents.html

Tonight there is an event with Trade Me’s technology manager Jon MacDonald at the Vic campus

traskjd says 3 May 2006 @ 16:59

Cheers John, I wasn’t aware of them :)
– JD

John says 3 May 2006 @ 18:05

Thanks for the mention.

I can definitely recommend UP as a networking event. See you there !


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