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Finally getting around to my code camp post :)

All in all I really enjoyed code camp – there were some really good speakers, good topics and the environment was quite comfortable. Prizes were also more substantial than I had anticipated (which is why I didn’t win any!).

It was also fantastic to be able to meet, albeit briefly, some of the people who blog regularly in the .net space. Finally met Tim Haines (I have no idea why but I’d always imagined you as having a pony tail – blame it on being from the south island!) – very friendly and easy to talk to.

Also met Alex of Base4 fame. He was also quite approachable and friendly – still not seeing a blog up yet but he is posting articles on the Base4 Solutions website :) I had to leave before seeing his session which was unfortunate as I’m quite interested in data storage in general.

Caught up with Mauricio from GeekZone.co.nz. He was part of the fantastic after lunch panel on developing a software business. I really enjoyed this session – Rod, Chris and Mauricio all had slightly different views on various topics which kept things interesting. I haven’t spoken to anybody who didn’t find this session fantastic. The after lunch panel the previous day was also great – more sessions like this next year would be cool :)

So would I go again? You betcha.

– JD

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Alex says 20 May 2006 @ 18:24

Hey JD, glad you think I am approachable! Hey earlier in the week I got around to getting my blog up and running again. I’ve been quit busy so take a look….

Look forward to catching up another time.

traskjd says 21 May 2006 @ 13:29

Cheers for dropping by Alex :)

I’ve been keenly reading your blog for the last week – keep up the frequent postings :)

– JD

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