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10 April 2006 in .Net & Code & Intergen | Comments (2)

This is more for my own reminder but somebody else might find it useful. This code allows you to update the value of a config key in your .net 2.0 application. It also updates the section so subsequent reads from the .config will reflect that change. Really useful when you just need to store a single peice of information.

In this example I’m setting a last run date.

// Open the app.config
System.Configuration.Configuration config = ConfigurationManager

// Update the last run time 
= lastRunTime.ToString();

// Save the configuration file

// Force a reload of a changed section.

- JD

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10 April 2006 in Business | Comments (5)

So my flatmate headed back to his parents house in the weekend. He is the family techo so of course he usually deals with all their computer related issues. He noticed that their internet was going slow, which seemed odd since they had a 5GB cap and they hadn’t used 5GB yet and had been slowed to 64k.

After some investigation he has found that Telecom gave them their “free” upgrade – from 512Kbps down to 2Mbps down. That’s great, free upgrades is always good. However, he also found that they had downgraded their cap from 5GB to 1GB. Everyone makes mistakes, so they phoned up Telecom. No, apparently this is normal and if they want to go back to a 5GB cap they need to pay $10 per month to get it.

So the “free” upgrade actually costs $10 per month. Sounds a lot like a scam to me.

Has anyone else found this sort of behavior when dealing with Telecom? I’m with Paradise so I haven’t personally had to deal with this issue (and my parents are stuck on dialup thanks to our amazing ADSL coverage in New Zealand).

- JD

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6 April 2006 in Apple | Comments (5)

This is just fantastic news – Apple has released a beta version of Boot Camp – their tool for dual booting with Windows XP.

The install is around 87MB and includes all the drivers needed for the Apple hardware on Windows. This is great because up until now you couldn’t get graphics acceleration on Windows due to the lack of drivers.

All around great news – they’re really pushing hard to get people to switch. Now it makes business sense to buy a Mac as I can still do my development on Windows AND get the best laptop on the market.

Click here for more information about Boot Camp

- JD

P.S. Rumors are already flying that the next version of OS X will include hypervisor technology to run Windows apps from within OS X. Still wild speculation but fingers crossed it’s true.

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