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There is plenty of chatter about Live.com and how it [sucks|rocks] from various NZ .Net bloggers.

I’ll stay away from the discussion other than to say I like that they’re trying new things – it’s better than nothing. Now, what I would like to see is the general experience being more like NetVibes. Again, trawling through my statistics I found I’ve had several hundred hits from http://www.netvibes.com

In terms of portals (which I don’t personally love) it’s pretty cool. The multiple tabs (drag the widgets onto them), the fact I can name the page what I want etc – it all seems a lot smoother than Live.com.

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say for now :) Like everyone else I’ll try and get my post Code Camp review out soon.

– JD

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Allan says 27 April 2006 @ 19:01

I probably account for a few of those hundreds. I use netvibes for everything – blogs, newspapers, gmail, gcalendar, delicious tags, todo list and other stuff.

Btw, I just spoke to JB about Netvibes this evening vs. Live. He reckons he should do a demo of that :D

Camaracut says 27 April 2006 @ 22:25

I do it with http://www.protopage.com because I like its individuality no two site are ever the same!
Personality on the web?

Geek says 27 April 2006 @ 22:39

Hmmm netvibes eh, I’m using live.com right now and I think I’ll just stick with it. Netvibes looks nice and works well but I’m confident that live.com will be better once it’s out of beta. Time will tell…

traskjd says 27 April 2006 @ 23:20

I quite like it myself – I like the fact that I can even name the page how I want. Camaracut, protopage is also nice but feels a bit too much like the OS with windows floating around to me :) I don’t quite get why people would want to have something that feels like Windows running in a browser.

Good to know the hits are because of you Allan :)

– JD

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