26 April 2006 in Windows | Comments enabled

Internet Explorer 7.0 Logo

Finally Microsoft have released a copy of Internet Explorer 7.0 that runs on Windows
2003 without hacks :) Officially this is Beta 2.

I installed it last night and had no problems with it wrecking my networking stack – looked good. Integration between Office 2007 and IE 7 seems to already be baked in (Outlook asked if I wanted to have IE and Outlook share the same RSS feeds).

Click here to download Internet Explorer 7.0

– JD

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Allan says 26 April 2006 @ 09:58

What an exhilarating experience. There’s nothing quite like installing a beta version of M$ software. You need a lot of courage and determination to press that installer’s next button, fully knowing that there is a significant risk that you’ll need to spend the next 2 days troubleshooting and maybe even rebuilding your machine. It’s not just another normal M$ product, pre-patches, pre-service pack and security updates, it is a piece of software that even they claim they can’t guarantee will work properly. Good on ya :)

Geek says 26 April 2006 @ 13:57

What company would claim beta software will work properly 100% of the time? At least Microsoft products actually get out of beta, unlike some others I know…*cough*Google*cough*.

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