29 March 2006 in Tools | Comments enabled

Just a quick entry for anyone who is at all interested in keeping an eye on RoR but doesn’t check out their blog – Ruby on Rails 1.1 is now out. It includes over 500 changes from 100 contributors. Not bad since 1.0 only came out a wee while back. Great to see so much progress being made (I’m not sure how good that is for site hosts who will need to test the changes before rolling them out however).

For more information on the “wow” features of 1.1 visit the Ruby-on-Rails blog

For more information on some of the lesser known features that just make every day better check out this entry by Mike Clark.

As for the quietness lately, I’ve been playing around a fair bit with Ubuntu and trying out some new technologies (like RoR). I’ll try and post more of what I’m finding soon.

- JD

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