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Recently I’ve been reading Geek’s blog quite a bit (the multiple author thing is looking to be a winner) and I was talking in one thread about how I’m looking forward to more content management features that are meant to be coming in the next version of WordPress (the software that powers my blog).

One thing in particular that I wanted was the ability to delay a posting being published. Today I realise that feature is already in WordPress – just set the “Post Timestamp” to a time in the future.

The reason for finding this, unfortunately, was not by my own investigation but due to a bug that cropped up when editing an entry with w.blogger. It set the timestamp to 2 days in the future. It was causing me no end of confusion as to why it wasn’t appearing on the site but was in the admin area. Looks like a bug helped educate me this time :)

- JD

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Geek says 21 March 2006 @ 22:47

Yeah I know what you’re saying about the content management features. This group blogging thing has really made some of weaknesses of wordpress visible to me. User permissions are my biggest problem, there should be a better way of controlling what each user can and can’t do. I’m sure this will come with time… soon I hope. I’m not too much of a fan of hacking about with security sections of software, it just never seem like a good idea to me. Unfortunately I’m going to have to tinker with it soon, hopefully it’s not as complex as I imagine.

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