17 March 2006 in Apple | Comments enabled

A hacker has managed to successfully install Windows XP on a new Intel Mac and has had it confirmed.

You can download the required files and instructions here.

The jackpot ended up at $13, 354 and has been awarded to the successful individual (who goes by the handle narf2006). The original context page can be found here.

There goes one of the last reasons I had not to buy a MacBook Pro…

- JD

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Geek says 19 March 2006 @ 09:41

Well that is really something. I wonder how long until a patch kills this? Then again if it sells more copies of Windows XP…

traskjd says 21 March 2006 @ 08:04

Both companies have expressed that they’re happy to have XP work on the Mac (if that’s true beyond just lip service who knows :) )

– JD

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