15 March 2006 in Business | Comments enabled

John Lewis recently pointed me in the direction of 37 Signals new book – Getting Real.

The book is about developing web applications from a business point of view. It includes contributions from Seth Goodwin, Andrew Hunt (The Pragmatic Programmers), Marc Hedlund (O’Reilly) and many others.

You can download it for $19 off the 37 Signals site (it only comes in PDF format).

I’ve always been a fan of books that blend technology with business so I was already holding high hopes for this book before I read it. I’m not about half way through the book and it’s pretty good. Don’t go expecting pages dripping in theory and academic proof of why certain things should be done one way and not the other. The organic nature of the book makes great to print out and just have a flick through when you need some inspiration on a project.

Most of the subject matter is common sense but often flies in the face of conventions that most people use. Certainly worth $19 :) The only small thing so far that doesn’t seem so good is that it doesn’t appear to print very nicely (fonts are not strong enough to make easy reading).

- JD

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