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With the recent sale of TradeMe it’s no surprise that I’m hearing all sorts of people talking about starting some form of online business. It’s interesting to see that existing online businesses are all getting a bit more of an uptake thanks to the sale.

I noticed last week comments about NZDating.co.nz and how they have more than half a million members now and talking about how much traffic they’re getting. It seems like some of these sites are now salivating over how much they could be worth based only on how much traffic they receive.

The interesting site that seems to be gaining strongly from the TradeMe deal is Zillion. Zillion is a competing online auction site and they’ve received some good press in the last week. So much so that on the 6th of March their sever was overloaded. Then they increased their traffic by 100% in a week. That’s not too bad – they must be pretty happy.

What I’ve found interesting about the TradeMe sale is how it’s brought big business to the kitchen table. It seems most people aren’t even aware that big deals happen all the time. Perhaps because so many people are involved in using TradeMe they take notice. Perhaps because they were acquired by a publishing company they get more press than other deals? It seems most people discussing the TradeMe sale are completely unaware, for example, of the 3.3billion dollar take over attempt on CCH.

So what’s my point?

I’m really just happy to see more people taking an interest in what’s happening in business circles. Even if most of them are just wowed by the 700m dollar figure :) I just hope that people take a moment to look at what other activities are going on in our own backyard.

- JD

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Allan says 15 March 2006 @ 07:48

This might be on interest..


traskjd says 15 March 2006 @ 09:23

Cheers Allan :-)

Exactly my thoughts – I don’t think we’ll see anything close to 700m for another NZ website for quite a while :)

– JD

Geek says 15 March 2006 @ 12:33

Well I don’t know about that, Geekpulp is for sale, I’m expecting at least 800 million for it ;)

t94xr says 17 March 2006 @ 02:20

hahaha, screw me! I was only asking a mere $5,000 – Im asking for more now!

traskjd says 17 March 2006 @ 07:26

Of course none of us generate any revenue off our sites though ;-) Somewhat reduces the attractiveness of a deal.

Perhaps Geek is getting really good earnings off his Google Adsense to be wanting 800m :P

– JD

Trey says 10 April 2006 @ 23:45

It’s a big deal because of the market – because it’s NZ. The biggest hurdle I think NZ needs to get over is the fact that it’s no longer on the ass end of the world with online business. Embrace the fact that the world is going – has gone flat. The big deal with trademe shows how embedded the idea that NZ is separate from the rest of the world is still hammered in to the consciousness of its people. Trademe should be compared to eBay, no NZDating.

The whole point to business on the internet is that your market doesn’t have to be limited to a population of 4 million. Where’s the NZ google, wikipedia, apache, eBay, or iTunes? These services are completely free of physical requirements and were all started with groups of a lot less than 4 million people – more like two to ten.

Where is the NZ idea that changes the world, instead of just Aotearoa?

Aaron Rodrigues says 14 July 2007 @ 00:26

HAha and they say it all started with him wanting to buy a toaster. I hope my website http://www.petpalio.com will be worth that sometime. its kicking away quite nicely at the moment.

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