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A sorting algorithm that beats QuickSort (for those collections that don’t have maximum entropy) has just come out of the woodwork. The fact that a betteralgorithm was found is interesting in itself but what is far more interesting is how it came about.

A group have developed a tool called “Critticall”. In their own words it’s “A programming tool, which enables you to apply the Darwinian force to algorithms”. So basically it applies a generticalgorithm to develop better solutions for fundamental computer science algorithms. It’s quite cool that people are starting to apply genetic programming in ways that provide real solutions* (as opposed to the million and one examples where they’re used to find the shortest path between two points).

Source: Critticall homepage

- JD

* I realise they are used in other industries a bit but I don’t know too much about that, it’s nice that it’s being applied in my field of work :)

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Thomas says 11 April 2006 @ 19:27

I like, you like it!

I am quite shocked, how almost nobody is shocked! ;)

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