3 February 2006 in Microsoft | Comments enabled

Recently I’ve been trying to play around with WinFS Beta 1 a smidge. I’m always interested in data storage and organisation of information so it’s very much a hobby thing at the moment.

I’ve been picking up little bits here and there about WinFS and on the off chance anybody else is interested I thought I would put them up here.

WinFS: An intro to the framework classes

WinFS Data Associations: Linking your data together

WinFS: Working with the data store

The official WinFS blog

General WinFS install and how it stores raw data

Some data-unification theory from Microsoft

The WinFS Type system: Demystified

I’ll try and put these into my Del.icio.us bookmarks at some point (I have an account and have one link in there at the moment :) ). If you know of any other good references (I prefer coding related articles) then leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

- JD

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