19 January 2006 in Tools | Comments disabled

If you’re like me, you use firefox quite a lot. The only problem is that some webpages won’t work too well in Firefox (Outlook on the web for one really annoys me).

This plugin allows you to open links in a new tab and use the IE rendering engine to display it, all the while staying inside FireFox. Very cool.

Strongly recomended for anyone who uses Firefox a lot :-)

- JD

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Tim Haines says 19 January 2006 @ 13:06

I totally agree. That, plus the web developer toolbar and mouse gestures are all super useful.

traskjd says 24 January 2006 @ 14:23

Cheers Tim.

If I’d paid closer attention I would have “discovered” this extension plus more from your firefox extension post earlier!

– JD

Geekpulp says 26 January 2006 @ 08:17

Can’t say I’ve ever really “got” firefox. There’s just something about IE that I like and I cant seem to give up. Besides IE 7 is looking sweet so I think I’ll just hold out for that.

JD’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Meebo.com says 26 January 2006 @ 13:05

[...] Geek pointed out that he doesn’t quite “get” Firefox. That’s fine, I didn’t like Mozilla but did really enjoy FireBird (precursor to FireFox). I guess you just need to gel with something. The reason I bring this up is because I’ve found that Meebo (and perhaps other modern web applications) seem to be a bit more sluggish in IE and certainly IE starts to die if I run applications like that for many hours on end. I hope IE 7 is a bit better. [...]