21 December 2005 in General | Comments enabled

In a few days we should all be heading off on holiday and taking some much deserved time away from our computers. Christmas is about the only time of year when I actively choose not to use a computer for a week or so.

While I enjoy the time away from my computer for a short while, I do miss my music collection and keeping track of what’s going on around the place. This year however I have my video iPod so I can take some stuff away with me. I’ve been trying to get some pod casts down and loaded on however I’m having a few problems/annoyances:

  • When I add a new RSS feed is there a way to make it get all the items automatically? I hate having to click “get” for each one.
  • If you can’t automatically get them all, is there a way to make iTunes handle more than 2 downloads at a time?
  • I’ve been told the setting to “Get All” from PodCasts only applies to when the RSS updates? Not initially adding it.
  • The whole PodCast handling capabilities of iTunes seems klunky at best – is there any better tools out there for managing this content?
  • I have iTunes at work set to not automatically manage my iPod. When dragging on videos it puts them in as music – and won’t play the video. This is despite the fact they are designed for the iPod and it actually displays the video icon next to the “song” (video). Any ideas on how to fix this glitch?

Some of these probably are me doing something really stupid – but if I don’t ask I’ll never find out :-) Overall everything is going well with my iPod, I have lots of content for the summer but these small annoyances are getting to me.

– JD

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