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Visual Studio 2005 Tabs

Just a few small tips on dealing with tabs (the control structure, not text based tabs :-) ).In Visual Studio 2005 if you click on a tab with the scroll-wheel it closes that tab.

I discovered this a while back because that’s how I’ve become used to dealing with tabs thanks to FireFox. Scroll-wheel click on a link to open in a new tab, scroll wheel click the tab to close it. It really speeds up having to right click a link and select “open in new tab”.

– JD

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Tim Haines says 5 December 2005 @ 09:18

Hmmm – scrollwheel click doesn’t open a link in a new tab for me. It seems to do the same as alt-tab and switch apps – maybe it’s minimising or something.

I hold down ctrl-shift when I click on a link for a new tab – and agree – it’s much easier than right clicking and finding the right menu option.

traskjd says 5 December 2005 @ 15:35

Perhaps you’ve installed the proper intelli-sense drivers or have some other software intercepting that action?

– JD

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