25 November 2005 in General | Comments enabled

Rowena and I usually exchange gifts for Christmas around the start of December each year as it’s our anniversary (of going out, we’re not married for those who don’t know us :-) ). It seems we both quite like gifts, both giving and receiving, as each year it seems to creep in a bit earlier.

This year Rowena wowed me with an awesome 60GB iPod Video. It’s one of the sexiest gadgets I’ve ever seen. Really cool – I haven’t owned an iPod anything before so this is a great dive into the pool. The screen has really nice colour and quality – it makes it easy for watching things on.

As the first tool in my toolbox for making the iPod video really easy to use is the ImToo iPod Movie Converter. This tool takes in just about any format video you have and converts it really quickly to an iPod Video. You can configure a few settings – enough to make it easy to pick up. It doesn’t rip directly from DVD but with some free tools out there you can rip it to another format to convert. This is software that just works.

So this weekend I’ll spend some time finding out about how the iPod works – I’m really stoked :-)

- JD

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