23 November 2005 in Search Technology | Comments enabled

Google Analytics

So Google Analytics has finally kicked in and given me some reporting goodness. I thought I’d post a wee bit more about it.

The first thing I found interesting was the geo-tracking. What I’m impressed with is that somehow (if you know how let me know!) Google manages to define the difference between a person browsing my blog from Wellington and somebody browsing from Raumati Beach. I like the idea of being able to track things like loyalty and networks through an application that is not only free but so very slick.

You’ve got exporting options (tab seperated, xml, excel), overview reports and much more. For anybody that is serious about analysing the performance of their website then this is a great tool. Looking at all the options relating to the ad-words functionality it would be absolutely imperitive that you use Google Analytics to ensure you’re tracking as well as you could be in terms of revenue per visitor.

I’ll be presenting this evening at an Intergen Twilight Seminar on improving search (both within your website, and how to improve your global rankings) and this isn’t a tool that I’ll be demonstrating (time constraints) but it should certainly be part of any web masters toolbox.

Link: Google Analytics

– JD

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