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Vista comes with six new fonts and one of them is a fixed width coding style font by the name of Consolas.

If you have a copy of Vista Beta 1 installed I would recommend that you grab this font and chuck it on your dev machine then update Visual Studio to use it. It looks great.

Word of warning however, it is designed to be used when ClearType font smoothening is enabled – if you’re on a CRT or don’t like ClearType is tends to look a bit crap.


Consolas Example

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- JD

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ultraz says 29 December 2005 @ 17:45

where can i get it?
can you email it to me?thanks a lot!

traskjd says 1 January 2006 @ 10:44

You will need to have an install of Windows Vista (currently in beta).

I would love to share the download for it however that would be illegal as it’s part of a Microsoft product that isn’t freely available.


– JD

mark++ » Blog Archive » Vista Impressions says 3 June 2006 @ 16:38

[...] The new fonts really well done. My favorites are Segoe (the default sans-serif UI font) and Consolas (fixed-width for programming and cmd.exe). [...]

Warren Stevens says 13 July 2006 @ 02:39

I haven’t tried it on my laptop but I’d have to agree with “if you’re on a CRT…tends to look a bit crap”

Check out:
Proggy Programming Fonts

I use ProggyCleanTTSZ (use 11 point – it doesn’t look as large as most 11pt fonts, it’s actually really small, but super readable). If you code you MUST visit this site.


peterchen says 11 August 2006 @ 20:27

It looksgood with ClearType on greater font sizes. At my preferred smaller size, however, it has to many artifacts (but maybe ClearType isn’t my thing)

JD’s Weblog » Improving a blog says 27 August 2006 @ 18:35

[...] Interestingly the main feature attraction of my site so far seems to be my entry about the Consolas font. That’s not such a great thing as it’s not something I can expand much more on really. [...]

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