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So I’ve just finished installing Vista on my home machine. First impressions: good.

I’m pleased to see that for a beta is performs reasonably well, doesn’t seem to hate my hardware and isn’t over the top with it’s new chrome. There are literally hundreds of small things which are cool which many of you will undoubtedly find yourself.

Search is everywhere! This all looks good for when the WinFS add-on comes out and will hopefully unify all of this search functionality. The Virtual Folders functionality looks very promising in slowly moving away from the idea of drives and folders – even if only hinting at it. At the end of the day – why does it matter where something is?

One thing that I personally look forward to seeing in our production environment – the enhanced EventViewer. You now have your three core system logs (System, Application and Security) and then another folder called “Application Logs” which has a log for each application. For example, at the moment, I can read the log for the Kernels PnP layer from it’s own folder. I really am looking forward to trying out my own applications and seeing if it logs correctly to it’s own application log.

IE 7.0 doesn’t appear to be all that great. Sure, there are tabs, but that’s just catch up. The only feature so far that does look unique and done well with IE is the RSS viewer – very clean layout, easy to read – I hope they don’t change it.

One thing I am a bit let down about however is the lack of translucent boarders on my windows. It might be a feature that I would turn off after I get bored with it however in all the screenshots I’ve seen show translucent boarders. It is very possible I just can’t find the right option but I don’t see it. Does anyone know how to get this working?

UPDATE: I found the answer to the translucent windows and posted an answer here

– JD

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Geek says 4 August 2005 @ 15:29

Yeah vista looks like its coming together now eh, cant wait to see beta 2. Not that I’ve seen beta 1 first hand… but I can dream!

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