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I thought it must be about time for a general update. I’ve decided to try and blog more on certain topics than so much about myself. Maybe a 3 “article” style posts to 1 personal post. That should hopefully ensure that my blog is read by those who don’t really know me.

So far I’m enjoying the long weekend – I’ve been fishing twice which was great. Tried some fishing down at the harbour which is pretty easy fishing but what you catch tends to be very small but not very edible (well – I wouldn’t eat something out of there since it seems a bit polluted). I also cycled around to Evans Bay with my flatmate and we tried fishing around there. Unfortunately it was way too windy so we didn’t stay too long. The area looks promising however – water seems cleaner and deeper. I’ll certainly try out there again soon. I’ve always enjoyed fishing – used to fish a lot with my brother and Dad so it’s somewhat in my blood to do it. I’m yet to find a pastime that is so relaxing, gets you outside and into nature and also provides the occasional high of catching something. Great thinking time.

My weight loss is still going to plan. My rate of weight loss has slowed a little (only around 200grams for the last week). However that’s because I’ve been very busy with work at the moment. I’m supposedly doing two projects, one takes about 80% of my time, the other about 20%. However I have two other projects to contend with which aren’t huge but do take up precious time. This has left very little time to actually get out and go running or cycling etc. I did manage to fit in about 20km of cycling over the weekend but I feel I should be doing more.

The great thing is that I’m getting to the point where you feel you have considerably more energy. I can motivate myself considerably easier than I used to be able to and with minimal effort. I also just feel like doing more. Anyone who is feeling lethargic really does just need to exercise more. It seems strange to say it – if you don’t have any energy you should do more. It seems to release a lot more energy than you need. Something I’ve started doing, especially when coding at home (It’s a tad embarrassing if I was to do this at work!) is when I start to feel tired I get out of my chair and do a short sharp workout. It doesn’t take long – maybe 50 press ups, 20 sit-ups and 20 bicep curls. Takes a grand total of about five minutes but it wakes you up and gets you cranking! I suggest you try it next time you’re feeling a bit low and think a chocolate bar would help you out.

Anyway, hopefully this week I can get in some more exercise and keep the weight loss train moving along. I’ll keep posting updates of where I’m at and what I’m doing.

- JD

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