17 January 2005 in Business | Comments enabled

The Art Of The Start Book Cover

Last night I finished reading Guy Kawasaki’s The Art Of The Start.

The book is primarily about starting businesses but in no way limits itself to just businesses. If you are at all interested in just how to generally start anything that is worth your time this book gives some valuable advice on how to ensure it works out well. For example, there are mini chapters on such things as starting projects within a company and how to ensure that they are successful.

My primary disappointment with the book would have been that Guy is a venture capitalist and thus the book is very VC centric which doesn’t apply so much to the New Zealand startup market as much. Still, the good points vastly outweighed the bad.

One thing that I particularly liked about the book was that Guy isn’t afraid to use emotive terms for people. For instance, people in a company that just “ride” on the success of others are called “corporate pukes”. There are many other terms for varying groups of individuals throughout the book but I liked that on the most.

Overall, probably one of the better business books I’ve brought and read in the last 12 months (of about 15) and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

- JD

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