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I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and put some proper effort into trying to slim down. I’ve been inspired by talking to a few people who have trimmed down and it also helps that one of my flatmates is a gym instructor :-)

I started before Christmas (bad choice – I know) and yet still managed to lose around 1.5 – 2Kg in just over a week. I’m not quite sure how I managed that much since I did eat a lot of chocolates. I did make sure I cut the skin off my turkey and chicken, didn’t eat roast veges and also (this will shock some, sit down) switched to drinking diet coke.

I’d been listening to some banter between some people at work last year and one guy mentioned how he hated the taste of dient coke as well but that it was only when he first had it. He reckoned that if you stick to it for a week or two that you begin to love it. Sure enough, it does work. This is despite my literally almost throwing up after drinking my first can!

Since returning to Wellington I’ve lost another kilo or so and have engaged a more active lifestyle. I’ve been going on runs, cycling, working out more with my weight set etc. Now I just need to keep the ball rolling througout the year.

- JD

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Geek says 6 January 2005 @ 20:59

Dude you should try doing body for life (www.bodyforlife.com), I did it and it kicks ass; I went from 26% fat to 12% in 3 months. Something else you might want to think about is not focusing on your weight and more on your body fat %. Most gyms will measure this for about $10-$20, I get mine measured every 4 weeks. A focus on weight just doesn’t make any sense, for example I’m currently 77kg and 180cm tall, which according to something like weight watchers means I’m a good weight, but if you think of the All Black Daniel Carter, he’s the same height as me (180cm) but weighs 90kg making him over weight! Stupid…very stupid.

Anyway thats my 10 cents ;)

John-Daniel Trask says 7 January 2005 @ 09:20

Cheers for the comment Geek. I brought be BFL book about 18 months ago and did it for about a month or so and did achieve some great results from it. My only complaint would be that I found it really hard to follow when I was quite busy. I’m doing a sort of hybrid model where I follow the excerise plan from it, and some of the food habbits that are mentioned as well.

I do measure my body fat % instead of weight, I’m fortunate enough that Rowena brought me a fancy set of scales that uses an electric current to measure my body fat % for me. So far my body fat % decrease has been slightly higher than my actual weightloss which confirms why actual weight is useless.

Cheers for the comment. Of course, as bloody usual, I now have a mild cold which is making me feel a lot less energetic than I should be but I still hope to go for a run today :-)

– JD

Geek says 7 January 2005 @ 11:56

Sweet sounds like your on to it then :D keep it up dude!

Nice work Rowena with that gift, I want one! where did you get them?

John-Daniel Trask says 7 January 2005 @ 12:20

They don’t appear to sell the model I have but this looks the closest to what I have:

Click Here

btw, do you use MSN or ICQ etc?

– JD

bklynpearl says 8 January 2005 @ 04:34

good luck on your weightloss! i recently began the Power90 program & i’m trucking along fine. a bit sore, but it’s a good sore. the fact that you started before christmas AND still lost weight, that’s great! keep it up.

John-Daniel Trask says 8 January 2005 @ 09:53

Thanks for the comment bklynpearl, it’s always nice to get positive comments.

I’m taking a day off today, I’ve become sick which I think is a combination of 1) Completely changing what I eat 2)working out way too hard. Now I feel absolutely crap, so I’m going to just rest today and actually eat some energising and hope that it gets me back to a healthy state before work starts on Monday!!

I see on your blog that you dropped pepsi all together. Why don’t you drink the diet versions? I went off coke once (I prefer pepsi but it’s less common in NZ as coke) but I think I needed something and althought water is all good, I missed the feel of drinking coke. Now that I’ve converted to diet I can drink it all I want without feeling guilty about it :-)

Best of luck,

– JD

P.S. If you come back, how did you find my blog?

Geekpulp says 15 January 2005 @ 13:58

Body for life take 2
I was reading on JDs Blog the other day that JD has started to make a proper effort to look after his physical health. Of course ever since doing body for life I feel I’ve been in the best shape of my life, but never the less JD has inspired me to do…

Geek says 15 January 2005 @ 14:15

Cool thanks for the link i’ll have to put it on my list of things to get!

Onscreen says 24 January 2005 @ 12:20

The switch to Diet Coke is all about getting used to the taste, and once you start enjoying it, you’ll hate coke. I used to love Diet Coke, but then along came Vanilla Coke…..

It must be the year for getting into shape – I started to try and get into and exercise routeen before Christmas, but then wnet away for 3 weeks……. but news today is that I have to move office, and my cycle to work will have to increase from 15 mins to an hour. Hopefully that should do something for my sad excuse of a body…… that and trying to give up on Vanilla Coke…..

traskjd says 24 January 2005 @ 12:55

Cycling an hour a day would certainly be a great cardio work out! Where abouts are you cycling (many hills etc?).

I used to cycle ~100km a week (usually more) for about 7 years and while I didn’t get super thin it certainly kept me in reasonable shape – which was amazing since for about 5 of those 7 years I was consuming around 2 – 3L of full sugar coke a day.

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