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It’s that time of year again. It’s my first Christmas as a proper adult and it’s quite a lot different to when you’re a kid.

Take for example that I feel like I’ve been tipsy all week for the number of client drinks, drinks with friends, general get togethers etc.

There really is a lot more things for adults – all sorts of random little gifts, social outings and many other benefits.

Rowena and I exchanged gifts early as we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary on the 16th of December and tie that and Christmas together (I can’t help it, I wanted to open them early!).

Rowena was extremely thoughtful and got me a mini fridge that holds about a dozen coke cans which I promptly stocked with Red Bull when I got home. It works perfectly and I’ve been enjoying chilled drinks since then. I also received a remote for my computer – which I had made comment about a few weeks earlier to Rowena. Now I can turn my PC off from bed, fast forward my TV programs (I often jump into bed at the end of the day with a couple of simpsons eps, maybe Family Guy, maybe a tech ed session – but just about every day I watch something before going to sleep) and much more. It’s all good.

I’m off up to Palmerston North to have Christmas with my family then I’m thinking of coming back to Wellington for new years. I’m off work until the 10th so I plan to make the most of that time with a few projects as well.

I hope my VAST collection of blog readers have a great Christmas ;-)

– JD

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