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One thing that has bugged me for a while (and I have been giving some answers but wasn’t overly satisfied) is that there doesn’t appear to be any good small standalone database engines that you can integrate into a .net application.

Today I was browsing a website and came across and advert that lead me here (http://sourceforge.net/cloudscape_download.php). It’s a 2MB database system that includes OLAP support, is open source and integrates directly into Java applications (I didn’t find too much information above what was on that page, so if I’m wrong, let me know).

Where is the .net alternative? I’m pretty sick of hearing that our choice is MSDE (or the future Express edition of SQL) as that’s considerably larger than the 2MB touted here.

What is even more sad is that not only does Java have this CloudScape product but they have an array of others including the likes of the Berkeley database (which in the last few years was ported to Java).

If anyone knows more than I do in this area (which should be just about any .net developer!) feel free to chuck a comment.

- JD

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