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I’ve just been reading a blog entry that covered “You know you’re addicted to coding when…”.

What is scary is that I can relate to ~50% of the items listed.

Take for example –

“Instead of using MS Word, you type your essay for school in HTML using NotePad.”

In form 6 I did an assignment that involved dissecting magazines for different things. It was pretty big – a six week assignment. Everyone else just wrote their assignment but I decided that I would do mine as an interactive windows application. Written in VB6 (I know, drug peddling monkeys can get stuff working in VB6) it included integrated sound, video (made also by me) and even a small help file. Thankfully the teacher was quite into computers himself and I’m sure I only got the highest mark because of the originality of the presentation.

I’m not sure quite what that says about me since it makes writing HTML using NotePad seem like childs play.

– JD

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