3 December 2004 in .Net | Comments disabled

So this evening I tried installing and playing with EpiServer on my home pc. What a nightmare.

Everything went fine except I ran into some issues – the sample site was crawling. Then after a short amount of investigation I found that it wasn’t just episerver – it was all sites, even static html sites running through IIS were crapping out on me.

A bit of poking around the event logs I find that it’s MCMS ISAPI filters that are causing all my issues. A tad confusing since you initially don’t think a new site would have them but since they’re installed at the root (wrong terminology?) of IIS you don’t tend to notice they’re there (well at least I didn’t).

So I decided to just uninstall MCMS – I don’t use it that much at home really, just when I occassionally work on something from home when I’m not feeling to flash.

You would imagine that an uninstall process would uninstall things now wouldn’t you. Welcome to MCMS. Not only did it do a half arse job of that but it left my IIS install in tatters with missing files, no sites running etc.

Again, a little bit of poking around and it’s the damn ISAPI filters again!! Finally, after removing them again, we have lift off and my other sites begin working again. All up around 2 hours worth of work to get a site working because of MCMS and it’s filters.

Thank goodness that EpiServer is just an ASP.Net application!

- JD

P.S. It’s late, I’m tired, this probably seems like a simple issue – I don’t care, it’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to! :-D

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