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Microsoft Messenger has been pretty shot for the last 24 hours (some say up to 48 hours, but I haven’t experienced that).

Basically you can’t login anymore. Before that you could login but there was a good chance you couldn’t even message people. Now the Service Status page even returns an error.

This never ceases to amaze me, how badly do you have to operate a server environment to have it go down and die and not have it fixed within 24 hours? Surely they have a policy around this.

Doesn’t really sit well with Microsofts release of Live Communications Server which is supposed to come out this month to push MSN into the enterprise. I mean after hearing how nobody could use it for two days would you really see it as something you want your business to use? (I realise LCS allows all sorts of funky stuff to do with MSN, does it also provide a type of MSN server so you don’t have to rely on Microsoft? If anyone knows and reads this please leave a comment :-) )

- JD

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JB says 12 October 2004 @ 08:12

Answer is yes and no – it is a SIP server.. so you can host your own network, but you cant host a hotmail based server (MSN) within the enterprise. You can however use a forwarding proxy to gateway hotmail users so that you can filter/log/censor the traffic :) This was pretty much the same as LCS 2003

John-Daniel Trask says 12 October 2004 @ 08:34

Cheers for the info :)

– JD

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